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It was a pleasure speaking with Tony Skinner from Podcast My Business the other day. We shared many insights about Branding, Marketing and how you can leverage them within your website to build relationships with your customers.

Here's a couple snippets from the the podcast:

Tony Skinner: How do you make sure that you get a website that represents people’s businesses?

Bernard Kassab (Customer Centricity): [...] It’s always going to be about the strategy and the greater vision, you know, in the end, you got to understand who is your customer and what do they want, and that often, will come before what you want personally, and it’s great that you have a perception of how you want your brand to represent. But if that doesn’t reflect the expectation of your customers, then it’s pointless. Making a A great website that’s all about you. [...] So understanding the type of customer you want to you want to target, what their expectations are, how to communicate effectively to them, the type of language tone, that you use the type of color, what does that represent?

Bernard Kassab (Colour): More So from an industry perspective, I don’t get so concerned in the definition of colors, because they’re inconsistent. [...] But understanding industry and color and uniqueness, you know, how do you stand out can be part of your strategy. Once you’ve got that strategy down, you need to construct something around it a brief, a brand document a brand guide Something that isolates and identifies those colors, which ones are primary colors, which ones are highlights that are used more sparingly.

Bernard Kassab (Starting a website): And from that, you need to wireframe it and then mock it up. So you need to give something tangible to the developers make sure that they can transpose and communicate effectively what you want to represent as your online presence. And that is the right process to go through. If you want to end up with something that actually represents your brand. Not just a nice to have brochure website, that’s a tick box exercise. You want to make sure that it does something for the business.

Tony Skinner: Well, it’s interesting, you talk about a brochure and the way I explain it to people, you can have the best looking website or the best looking brochure. And if it’s in your bottom drawer, and nobody hears about it, then what’s the point?

Bernard (Marketing): There are many channels to market, some are free like social media and content creation, some come at a cost like digital advertising.

The best way t approach it is to understand your customers need and hone in on them. A great way of doing this is by creating focused landing pages. Understand your customer and write it like you are speak directly to them.

  1. Start with a targeted question or statement to capture their attention;
  2. Following that drill into some provoking questions or ideas that they'd be asking themselves about this situation;
  3. Highlight what it could look like if they take on your solutions;
  4. Explain your solutions in more details;
  5. Then show your expertise, a bit about the business and add credibility with awards or certification.

If you lead a buyer through this journey and sprinkle in some Calls to Acton along the way, you will end up with a strong funnel to capture new leads. The next step is to drive traffic to these pages, this can be done using some the channels mentioned before.

Doing some keyword research and seeing where keyword research can allow you to really target and refine your copy. [...]

Tony skinner: Well, a lot of what you’re saying sounds like a similar strategy when you’re trying to find a new lover. So are you the website love doctor,

Bernard Kassab: We are the customer relationship, love doctors. We all want to create long lasting relationships with our customers, right?

Click below to hear the complete recording or read through:


Published on May 21, 2020