Take Advantage of Digital to Create Better Customer Experiences

 Content Marketing |  2 min read

I am excited to share Breakawave's second Business Podcast!

This cast is based on "digital marketing" with insights on the do's and don'ts if you run a business and when digital can come into play.

One of the key topics we cover off is when to get involved in your marketing spend. With this I think there are a couple things to look at:
  1. Know your targets and business goals first.

  2. What is a budget you can sustain for up to six months? Between the 3 and 6 month bracket is when you start to harness tangible data that will allow you to refine your campaign.

  3. All marketing is long game and you need to take time to understand the consumer.

  4. Be transparent with your agency, with your expectations and monthly budget.

  5. Have the resources and processes to manage a sudden influx of new customers - Do you have a CRM? How do you maintain client relationships?

  6. How do you keep the brand experience consistent for every customer to ensure you always put your best foot forward?

  7. Trust your agency. You might have had bad experiences in the past or tried it yourself without success - If you're not going to go for it, then chances are you'll just be let down again.
A big take away is to look at your agency as part of the team. Integrate them into the brand and consider a retainer to ensure they can resource for your business as you need.

Published on June 16, 2020