MIA Podcast Episode 3 - Shane from Impact Candles

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The MIA Podcast 3 Episode with Shane Bautista

A little bit about our Guest, Shane is the Founder and Director of Award-Winning Business Impact Candles. Impact Candles has envisioned to change people's lives by providing beautiful smelling wood-wick candles in their homes as well as giving back to people in need by allocating funds from every sale to organisations they support.

In this episode, We get to deep dive into Shane’s wide experience in business and Manufacturing and get his perspective on:

  • Where he sits in the whole manufacturing world in Australia
  • How he was able to move from a small kitchen space business and moving towards his garage to Headhunting for commercial real estate or Warehousing for his business
  • Where he sees the business going in about 10 years
  • What is his perspective on hiring Virtual Assistants and how they help small upcoming businesses with the day-to-day time-consuming tasks
  • What types of equipment he is currently using and what he is looking into to scale up his operations
  • How he wants to keep that human touch into his business by focusing more on getting more team members on the production team rather than having to automate the production process
  • Exporting his products into the international sector and how he will tackle packing, shipping
  • How the use of Local and International Business Networks have helped him market his business
  • Where he sits with Grants

And his success stories, experience in the manufacturing industry, and of course his answer to our main topic: Will Australian Manufacturing ever return to the glory days of the '60s?

Published on February 07, 2022