Bite-sized Branding Episode 7 - Tomorrow Branding, Now and the Future

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Customers always ask the question "What do you think the next big thing in Branding and Marketing will be?" I don't think any one person has a definitive answer but let's just say it's always exciting. 

In this video we talk about the considerations to take your business digital.

There are a lot of elements that need to be effectively communicated to make your brand translate correctly. How do you maintain the brand, make it memorable, make it stand out and make it resonate with customers?

Some consideration we highlighted:

  • A long name can be complicated for the URL of your website (essentially what comes after the www.) and for memorability
  •  Recreate your branding in an icon so that it can be replicated as an app icon, social media display picture or in the header of your website
  • If you are coming up with a new brand, consider spelling the name phonetically as many traditional names are already taken (Read How to Come Up With the Perfect Brand Name for more ideas!)
  • Look at unique shapes and colour, the digital space lends it self to more freedom with the use of colour
  • Ensure there is consistency in it's application across platforms

The there is the challenge of how do you bring your brand culture to life online?

  • Look at creative ways to represent your team. Capture their personality and help clients connect with the people they are working with on a personal level, without even seeing them face-to-face
  • When you create a culture in your brand, customers become a part of it. They are not just your advocates, they live and breathe you brand 

To build your digital brand and create a culture look at your brand and how it communicates with customers. Ensure you focus on welcoming customers into the brand culture, create messaging that focus' on their needs and solve them.

Published on July 07, 2020