Bite-sized Branding Episode 29 - Leverage Your Brand With Video

 Content Marketing |  4 min read

A few episodes ago, we talked about how digital marketing is continuously evolving throughout the day. Consider today’s topic as an extension of that. Today, we talk about how a simple video can turn the world around for you and your brand. In the earlier times, if you had a brand that you wanted to let known to the world, you’d almost immediately result in spending a huge amount of money on a TVC (TV Commercial). But again--times have changed, and they're still changing. Most of today’s audience and market unlike before no longer spend hours and hours each day with their eyes glued to the telly. The majority of the people are either on the go or spend most of their time on social media. Thus the need for a multi-platform approach to advertising and marketing.


Personalized Content and a Keener Audience

The key to a good TVC then was repetition and consistency. Your brand was considered to be a hit when your TVC had the capability to make your audience remember your product despite not having seen the ad for a long time. To some extent-that still remains true now. However, brands have started to shift to making unique, personalized videos for social media. People nowadays look for stories, emotions and life realities when they look for a brand. People don’t look for superstars and billionaire celebrities to patronize brands anymore, they look for authenticity, realness and the brand’s ability to touch their lives and how the brand can position their service or product without the hard sell.

It’s surprising how the simplest of products and services make huge money without spending for a TVC. Guess why? Because they’re on videos on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even YouTube.

These videos they’re making aren’t even high production videos. Most of them are shot on their mobile phones, capturing the simple day to day lives of people. And surprisingly, these raw videos get the highest ratings and click on social media! It took us some time to understand the logic behind this, most probably because we had the impression that the video had to be perfect for the audience. But turns out, the more raw and authentic the video is, the more engagement it gets and the more it appeals to the market. Don’t get us wrong though-we’re not saying to craft your online video carefully.

At the same time, effort and careful planning should go to planning your online videos. It should be carefully planned, just like you would a regular TVC, but this time, it has to be more raw and authentic and so it appeals to more people. Don’t think that there aren’t going to be as many eyes on your online videos as your TVC, because the truth of the matter is, based on research, the time that people spend on social media and the internet has overtaken the time spent in front of a TV.


Branded Podcast: What & Why.

What is the difference between hiring an in-house person who knows how to do marketing and graphic design over getting a professional agency? What are the risks that may rise? 

Nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily. Many look for the bang for the buck option… but there is no cheap road to success. You may end up paying cheap many many times over but at the end of it, the question is are you getting the results? To sum it up, nothing EXCELLENT comes from something cheap.

If you do not cut corners, your customers will not do the same to you. By getting professional’s you position yourself as a professional which says a lot about who you are, what you are and what you can deliver. That is why you should look at your agency as a partner, one that’s got experience, understanding and diversity in expertise to deliver across the multiple layers of Marketing and Advertising.


Recommendation: When you are looking for a person whom you want to be your partner in building the persona of your brand, make sure that they are a perfect personality match to the persona that you want to build. In the end, they will be taking your ideas and creating something out of those ideas that will represent your company in the long run.


CommBank Rebranding

Not too long ago Commonwealth Bank or more commonly known as CommBank just published that they rebranded their business with a brand new Logo. Often we wonder why a brand like this may make a change like that. Questions come up as well about what was wrong with the old brand? What was the refresh all about? 

Our thoughts about the new Logo are:

  1. What is the significance of changing the white space to an all-black space? Begsuiuiii9 the question, is this positioning of colour space for a bank? Or did they want to go, Bolder, which we're always passionate about?
  2. The gradient feature, does it add any value? Since Gradient logos have not been seen so much since 2010 where it was a craze, is it a step forward?
  3. A new feature that they have not applied before is the stacked application of the brand name. Is it because they wanted to even out the spacing? Or did they want a shorter asset for marketing materials?


Overall, CommBank has chosen to go bolder, apply the less is more brand concept and cleaner when it comes to their brand. We're pretty excited to see what they do with this new application across the business. 

Published on May 25, 2021