Bite-sized Branding Episode 21 - What is Your Brand Voice?

 Content Marketing |  1 min read

The Brand Voice is the poisoning that the tones and sounds you use in video, while presenting or in any other audible content. How do people connect with your brand through sound?

It could be a jingle or a backing track, the language you and your team use when they speak to people or present. When people hear it, can they identify that it’s you? Do you have a guide for your Brand Voice?

Your Brand Voice can also create association to other brand positioning. By understanding other businesses you’d like to associate with, you can align the positioning in your language and sounds to connect other like brands. For example, if you wanted to align with a family brand, you wouldn’t use profanity in your marketing collateral.

Once you understand the positing and tone, you need to understand your message because in the end of the day, brands need to equate to value. The value forms your perception, which is how much people are willing to pay for that brands product or service.

Creating a consistent positioning that aligns with your messaging and resonates with customers is the goal. Research and understand your customers, how and why they interact with you. Knowing whether you should be hard, fast and high energy vs. slow and steady, this is really dependant on that customer understanding. This could also be affected by the type of campaign you are running, specials often have a fast tone to motivate customer engagement vs. high value considered purchases that require a more thought-out value proposition.

In all this thinking and analysing, don’t forget to get the message out there. Don’t get hung up with analysis paralysis and just end up the best kept secret. It’s better to get it out to the market and based on feedback you can refine your messaging.

Published on October 27, 2020