How can you Grow in a time of crisis?

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Right now there’s some really tough times. There’s an aggressive disease circling the planet, stock markets are crumbling and economies are coming to a grinding halt. It’s an almost perfect formula for panic, uncertainty and leaping into a safe space until everything gets better again.

But under the surface of all this doom and gloom is a world of positivity. The Earth is breathing fresher air again, people are reconnecting in ways they had forgotten about and entrepreneurs are in hyperdrive, looking for creative ways to do business and thrive.

At Ucidity, we’ve been actively working with business experts to uncover ways to win back confidence, certainty and growth. Here’s our shortlist of quick wins, that you can implement right now:

  1. Be OK with feeling flat. It’s all part of the normal process of shock as the world takes a massive hit. Let it happen and acknowledge that it’s OK.
  2. Reach out to entrepreneurs. We’re amazed at the level of activity and positivity in the entrepreneurial world right now. In a world where doom and gloom is everywhere - take the time to pull away from this and immerse yourself a world that is focused on getting through this and flourishing.
  3. Pull out your Vision and your “Why”. These tools are incredibly powerful and are meant for a time like this. Reconnecting with the original reason you started your business will switch you back on AND reconnecting with your Vision will give you a target to drive towards.
  4. Ask “how can I help?”. Now is the perfect time to pick up the phone and reach out to your customers. People will remember those who reached out during a time of crisis and offered a helping hand. This process will also uncover what people REALLY need right now and how you can tune your business to help them.

Of course, our specialty is digital marketing, so here's a few VERY quick wins you can implement right now:

  1. Check your website. Now, more than ever, people will be seeking businesses online. Get a friend to go all the way through your website and confirm that your pages and forms are working. Also, speak to an expert to make sure your website is SECURE!
  2. Create a landing page. Landing pages can be super quick to get up and running and promote throughout your online networks. What should it be about? Well, based on the feedback from point 4 above (ask how you can help), you can create a new service / product / package super quick and promote it via your new landing page.
  3. Move your business online. Right now, Zoom’s infrastructure is being tested to the max AND running fine. What does this mean? Most businesses are running online meetings and the world of selling online programs is taking off. What part of your business OR your personal expertise can you move from face-to-face to online?
  4. Review / Invest In Google Ads. A lot of businesses have Google Ads ticking over in the background but have absolutely no idea how they’re performing. Reach out to an expert to get a review.
    ALSO, half the planet has moved their life online so they’re searching for answers to their questions. Google Ads can offer super quick wins to connect your business with people who are searching for answers. Who knows, you might be sitting on a goldmine.
  5. Reallocate budget online. Did you have a budget that was allocated to face-to-face, e.g. a live event? Now is the time to reinvest that budget to an online campaign. We’ve been seeing some businesses get some incredible wins even in the past few days from this strategy.

80% of the planet is probably in mental lockdown mode right now. It’s the 20% that focus on growth that flourish during a time of crisis. 

Lastly, we’re here to help you. Please take advantage of our years of expertise and post questions on our Facebook page - we can all bounce ideas around and help you bring back certainty, and growth into your business.

Published on March 20, 2020