You thought last year was crazy?

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You thought last year was crazy?

It’s been almost twelve months to the day since Australia’s prime minister activated the Australian Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Do you remember how you responded? Most of us in the business world experienced a few hours or days of panic - completely uncertain about the future of our business and the impact that would have on our lives.

Thankfully, the majority of us switched our thinking into solution mode and started taking action.

This article is about one business who took the right action, and reaped the benefits - reaching their original 2020 sales targets 90 days ahead of schedule - an extraordinary achievement given the state of the economy at the time.

The ‘Pain’ Phase

Let’s travel back to 2019, and visit a struggling strata management business by the name of “Concierge at Home”. 

Why were they struggling? They were suffering from brand misalignment.

What were the symptoms? They were constantly getting the wrong types of sales leads and customers coming through the door. 

The general public misunderstood them as a business that provides personal care and home maintenance services. They were constantly getting calls from people who needed a handyman to fix their leaky pipes or someone who needed their dry cleaning picked up.

Sound familiar?

The ‘Let’s Get the Professionals to Help’ Phase

Luckily Natalie, being a go getter, reached out to our branding specialist Bernard for some help.

After a couple of short, but inspirational meetings, Natalie and Bernard both agreed that a naming and branding strategy workshop was the best approach to overcome their business pains.

The outcome of the strategy session was a new brand name - More Than Strata, the start of a new design and a whole new strategy to approach the strata industry.

The ‘Results’ Phase

So what were the results?

The brand new business, More Than Strata were proud to show off:

  • A gleaming new More Than Strata website (round 2 of the website is coming this year),
  • A platform for them to share their new Podcasts on,
  • An incredibly powerful CRM system for them to track leads, sales opportunities, web usage, create and track newsletters, automation to save time and a whole lot more,
  • A whole new set of brand collateral,
  • A whole new strategy to approach the market with.

As a result, Natalie’s gusto went through the roof, the whole team instantly felt aligned to the business and they started to bring in clients who they always wanted to work with:

  • They achieved their sales goals 90 days ahead of target - during the early days of COVID!
  • They love the new types of clients who are coming into the business,
  • They’re able to make business decisions super fast based on the incredible amount of analytics data in their CRM,
  • Their customers are sending them more customers - referrals galore!


For the full story watch the video below and hear how Ucidity helped Natalie build the business of her dreams


So, as a quick summary. If your business feels tired, your sick of dealing with customers who you’d prefer go off somewhere else or your team seems flat - then you might need a quick chat with one of our team. We’d love to help you get the same results as More Than Strata.

If you enjoyed reading this article and would love to know more about any of the above suggestions - then please feel free to book in a 15 minute chat with Bernard our branding expert.

Published on February 12, 2021