Write Engaging Website Content Faster - A Quick Guide To ChatGPT's Top Tricks

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For anyone who needs to create new content regularly, thinking of how to get started or what to start with may be a difficult task. Being in this challenging situation can be difficult because not knowing where to begin or having writer’s block is an inexplicable feeling.

Writer's block can be a frustrating and demotivating experience and can be caused by various factors, such as:

  1. Lack of inspiration or course of creativity
  2. Overwhelm or stress
  3. Perfectionism or fear of failure
  4. Distractions or interruptions
  5. Burnout or exhaustion

Writer’s block can affect anyone-even who is not a “writer”. It can happen to anyone who needs to write content but finds themselves in that vortex of pitch-black blankness. While writer’s block can be challenging to overcome, some strategies have been proven to help lessen the terrifying writer’s block.

  • Set a realistic deadline.
  • Make a topic flow/outline.
  • Take occasional breaks
  • Move away from distractions such as your mobile phone
  • Hear other’s feedback on your work
    • Doing so allows you to have a different angle on your piece.

One of the newest additions to the list of suggestions to prevent or lessen writer’s block is to jump onto the bandwagon of using AI! 

If you haven’t discovered yet, the internet is beaming with AI software for almost anything you want to do. Undeniably, writing is one the more challenging tasks that heavily need inspiration and variation for its effectiveness.

Numerous AI software can help kickstart your creative juices. Of course, one of the most largely talked about AI writing software is ChatGPT. ChatGOT has taken the world by storm because of human-like capabilities to respond to chats and commands such as writing a blog, making a code, answering common questions and many more.

Although nowhere near perfect, ChatGPT or any other AI platform is an excellent springboard to get you to a level where you have some base content to develop further with your thoughts and words. As with any masterpiece, most writers could agree that getting started is one of the most difficult parts of writing. Writing the first sentence that makes the slightest bit of sense is difficult to come up with, but once you have a bit of a boost from an AI tool, off you go!

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Let’s discuss how you can make AI your ally for accurate, factual and compelling content.          

1. AI Is Your Assistant, Not Your Replacement

AI is NOT your ghostwriter. Don't expect AI to give you superb results, like copying your style of writing, tone of voice and trail of thought. Remember that AI is there to provide you with bits of information that you can use to tease your creative juices and get your ideas going. 

When you write with AI, remember that the output it gives you is a compilation of work from different computer sources, which humans still make. Having said this, the results that AI or ChatGPT garners are still prone to error and worthy of grammar and spell check.

Another point to consider here is that most of the content that ChatGPT responds with is generic and broad overviews of topics. The key to using AI is knowing how to use the general snipp[ets generated over searches and keeping in mind that those need further detailed explanations.

Avoid copying and pasting from the platform and not checking or adding more info because you will end up creating content that goes in circles with no apparent points.

2. Be specific with your “commands”.

Thanks to ChatGPT, accessing content is now easy through its chat interface. Unlike other AIs that may have a confusing interface because of many different spaces and boxes here and there, ChatGPT makes it easy because it uses a very straight-up form of generating content. 

Think of it as a web chatting tool to ask questions or give commands. However, many users struggle to key in specific commands, so AI generates generic and, sometimes, irrelevant content. Many users discourage using AI because they say the results are very generic, broad and irrelevant.

Being specific with your command to ChatGPT is essential because it helps ensure you receive a relevant and accurate response to your query.

ChatGPT is a language model that uses natural language processing to generate responses based on the received input. However, if the input needs to be more specific or clear, it can lead to ChatGPT providing an answer that does not address your specific question or concern.

By providing clear and specific instructions, you can help ChatGPT better understand what you are looking for and provide a more precise response. Sifting through irrelevant information or incorrect answers can save you time and frustration. Additionally, being specific with your command can help ChatGPT learn and improve its responses over time, as it better understands the types of information users seek.

For example. If you enter ‘What is Marketing?”.It will generate content related to marketing, but using the phrasal question “What is Inbound Marketing and How effective is it?” gives you a lengthier answer filled with more specific, relevant and valuable content.


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3. Unleash The Hidden Wordsmith In You

Knowing how to use and shuffle words is crucial to successful AI content generation. Let’s retake the above example. When you ask, “What is Marketing” vs “Write five sentences about the reasons why marketing could be an asset to your business”, it is a perfect example of wordplay and, of course, being specific with what you want to see.

A wordsmith is someone adept at crafting words and using them to express ideas, emotions, and messages in a powerful and impactful way.

A wordsmith can be a writer, journalist, poet, copywriter, or anyone who works with language professionally or personally. You don't have to be a professional wordsmith to use ChatGPT; all you need is to know how you can use words to input in the system so it generates the content you need.

Refrain from giving generic messages such as “Difference between sales and marketing”; instead, say “How your sales and marketing teams can run in parallel in your business.”
Ensuring that you use the correct, unique, but precise words will guarantee succinct results from an AI writing tool. Besides, unleashing your inner wordsmith (regardless of being amateur) gives you several other benefits:


Improved writing skills.

A wordsmith deeply understands the nuances of language and how to use words effectively to convey meaning. This skill can improve your writing abilities and make you a more effective communicator.


Persuasion and influence

Wordsmiths are skilled at using language to persuade and influence others. This skill is valuable in many fields, including sales, marketing, and public relations.


Creative expression

Being a wordsmith allows you to express yourself creatively through language. This can be a fulfilling and enjoyable pursuit, whether through poetry, fiction, or other forms of creative writing.


Professional opportunities

Being a skilled wordsmith can open up many professional opportunities, including careers in writing, journalism, marketing, public relations, and many other fields.


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4. Use multiple sources

If you’re writing research on a broad topic, it’s always best to use multiple resources for content.

We’ve already established that. Most of AI’s content will be generic and can be used as a springboard to ignite content. Use different AI platforms to generate more cohesive content, and you are ensured not to go around in circles. You can then compare notes and choose which points and phrases to include in your content. 

There are many benefits to using multiple sources of content when writing; let’s talk about a few:


Comprehensive and accurate information

Using multiple resources for research ensures that you are accessing a wide range of information and perspectives, which can help you to gain a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the topic you are researching. Different sources may provide different viewpoints, data, and evidence that can help you to form a well-rounded understanding of the topic.


Avoiding bias

Relying on a single source of information can lead to bias, as that source may have its perspective or agenda. By using multiple resources, you can avoid relying too heavily on any one source and ensure that you are considering a range of perspectives.


Avoiding errors

No single source of information is entirely error-free, and relying on just one source increases the risk of encountering inaccurate or misleading information. Using multiple resources, you can cross-check information and verify its accuracy before incorporating it into your research.


Comprehensive and accurate information

Using multiple resources helps enhance your research's credibility. By drawing on various sources, you demonstrate that you have done thorough research and have taken a well-informed approach to your work.


5. Repeated content

Repeated content is typical among many AI content platforms. When you click on “Regenerate Response”, read the content generated because ChatGPT or other AI Content platforms have a way of rephrasing their previous answer and making it appear like different content. 

But the truth is, the platform only spins the words, re-orders enumerated content and changes the format of the information relayed.

Due to the nature of machine learning, there is a possibility that  Chat GPT’s responses may be similar or even identical to previous responses if the input is similar. Additionally, its responses are generated based on patterns and associations found in the vast amount of text the platform knows and has been trained on, so similar questioning patterns may lead to similar responses.

Writing content is enjoyable to writers and professionals who love expressing their thoughts. Admittedly though, regularly writing about similar topics may become mundane for most. 

With today’s evolution of different content platforms, mental blocks can be avoided using AI platforms. However, remember that AI platforms are merely your helpers and can never substitute the work of a human being.

Strike a balance between writing content and using AI as an assistant; reach out to Ucidity for advice on the best way to approach content generation for your business.

Published on April 17, 2023