Ucidity Director's Seasonal Message 2021

 Content Marketing |  4 min read


We want to officially wrap up 2021 and welcome the new year with a whole lot of positivity! Before we get into all the festivities, we’d like to take this opportunity to do a quick review of the year that was–given how tough it has been for everyone, because it’s all been so uncertain, with or without the lockdown.

Despite all that, we have been fortunate and also extremely blessed with how things have spun around for us and the business. We've gone through different challenges, which we thought we couldn't get past but got to go past it and have also become better persons in the end! We’re also very excited to have moved to a brand new office and a few more additions to our team, all to help our clients better.

We also got to start a podcast called MIA or Manufacturing In Australia, where we sit down, ask questions, and learn best practices from experts in the manufacturing field of Australia. This is especially for people and businesses who are in the manufacturing industry and even those businesses who support manufacturing businesses or even if you’re just interested in manufacturing, then this one’s definitely for you.

Our live podcast, “Bite-size branding” was also in full swing this year, with our very own Grant Thom who has supported and joined for most of the episodes talking about branding, marketing, and technology.

We’d like to send our super heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked with Ucidity, all our clients and partners, and all those who have made many things possible for us, so we could deliver nothing but the best of the best services.

With 2022 coming upon us very shortly, we are aware of the threat that COVID still poses. Despite that, we choose to continue our lives but stay safe and do what we’re passionate about. We also would like to encourage those of you who may be having a very difficult time to take the holiday season as an opportunity to reach out to your network. This helps you gain new insight on things, not just your business, but also take that opportunity to just see how things are going for others. Reaching out to our network has brought our game to a different level, we’ve learned so many things that have helped us be better in our craft-all because we reached out to the people we know.

In February, we will raise money to support a charity that’s very close to our hearts-the Rainbow Club. We are swimming 2.5km in the open ocean (Malabar Magic) to show our support to children with disabilities to enjoy swimming. We feel that supporting kids with disabilities to swim just like other kids is very important so they could enjoy, be mobile and be healthy despite their disability.

On to business, we also encourage everyone to view your brand and have a look at what’s working, what’s mistargeted, or possibly even stale. Give it a fresh new flavor.
Consider a refresh or a reset in your strategies. Similarly, Google will also change the way it handles data. Keep an eye on what’s happening on your website, Google Analytics, your website traffic data, and make sure that you have someone dedicated to watching over that so that you can keep up and not get lost on the tracks.

CRM systems are also evolving and getting out of their boring interfaces and functions. CRMs are slowly becoming instrumental in driving sales and helping your marketing team in creating more targeted marketing techniques and it also allows you to build those business relations that we think are essential in running a business.

Here’s something for you to do over the holidays too–think about your business, What are you in the business for? What are you wanting to achieve and how do you intend to achieve those? Get yourself involved in this “reflection” session so that you can start 2022 fresh and focused. Review your mission and vision and kind of realign where you are currently versus where you want to steer your business next year. What we find most helpful is to speak mission and vision language to your team every single day. Reinforce it, speak it until your team lives it.

To make things simple for you, starting next year, we will offer two kinds of main services and a blended service. Managed marketing services are the usual; services of all the creatives on the marketing channels that we have been doing, and another–one is that we have added a brand new service, which is the outbound sales service. This allows you to reach out to opportunities and people that you haven't reached out to in the past. We are excited and optimistic that our main services of marketing and this blended service will come together and sync all the marketing efforts we do for you.

We hope that you guys have a safe celebration and we are excited to work with all of you again in the coming new year!

Published on December 23, 2021