Ucidity Director's Seasonal Message 2020

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BERNARD: Hey everybody, John and I have gotten together to send some of our holiday well wishes and do a bit of a wrap of the year.

It’s been a crazy year for everybody from:

  • The bushfires that started in Jan, 
  • The freak shoulder accident that John also had in Jan,
  • Picking up all the pieces launching a business in February,
  • Only to have COVID shortly after that,
  • The second wave came along and surprised all again,
  • The US election, who knew what was going to happen there.

There’s been a lot happening, and what we've noticed is that some businesses stuck their head in the ground and really struggled through the COVID period and we stood there trying to support those businesses trying to help them through the process. 

Other businesses really took advantage of the situation and really just flourished. They looked out for opportunities and tried to create something new. 

It was a very exciting time across the board, there's a lot to learn a lot to take away from from 2020.

JOHN: Yes, as you mentioned 2020 has been a very interesting year and one of the ways we look at it is that if you're present to what's really going on. then this always an opportunity for growth. I know it's easier said than done but as Bernard mentioned, we've witnessed businesses who literally - let's acknowledge that within the first couple of days of COVID hitting, most business owners had a bit of a panic, but most of us gathered together and and asked a really, really powerful question: "what do we want and how can we get there?"

That question changed our focus from doom and gloom to opportunity.

And so what we've seen this year, especially for us as well, 2020 has been a year growth, especially from a mindset perspective.

One of my biggest fears was an economic recession - and now most of us have got a fair way through this, especially with the government supporting us as well. 

So a wrap up of this year:

  • We launched our business back in February,
  • We brought some new team members: the amazing Berta who's basically our right hand person - she been involved in a lot of design and development of website site. Also the  amazing Carla, she's been fantastic at looking after all our social media experiences and our customer's social media, plus the amazing SEO expert Jimmy. This has allowed us step up our game and focus on what we're good at -the strategy and help businesses grow,
  • We've revamped our support services in a couple of months ago, check out one of our recent newsletters for details. This has allowed us to focus on bigger growth within clients,
  • We've have brought in a couple of partners that we have used along the years, this year we really pulled them into our business which allowed us to focus on, we keep on saying this word "growth".

For businesses that are hungry for growth this year, we were shocked at the number of calls we started to get, with people saying "hey, we really need you to help us to grow - let's make this thing happen". We've got some really amazing results we'll be sharing in our newsletter really soon.

The last one, there are some industries who have really taken off this year, we're semi lucky in that  digital marketing businesses have taken off, but I think I'm just going to before we talk about 2021 I'm just going to leave a bit of a message - for those of you who have stuck it out - well done. There's been a lot of businesses that we've seen this fall off the radar and they've gone back to corporate jobs but for people who really really trusted what their business is all about, held their mission and stuck onto their vision they are doing really really well so I hope that gives you better hope into 2021.

BERNARD: In 2021, I think it's an amazing time to have a re-insurgence into your business. If you're looking at your business and you're not really sure what is next, then it's a good time to look at your positioning, look at your strategy look, look at refining that and really being specific on the type customers that you want to attract into your business.

For us as well we're also refining what we're doing within the our business.

We're focusing more on the brand strategy component, and how we can offer this to our clients to help them leverage that and build it out into their business.

We're looking at building out larger websites that focus primarily on conversion and lead generation, so building out websites that are more and more effective for the businesses and your business growth.

With that, a real key focus on the strategic, ongoing effect that you can have with what you do with your digital content and how your manager customer experience. So looking at Inbound Marketing, looking more at CRM systems and how you implement those. We're going to make that much more robust offering in in 2021.

So, our real focus, as we keep saying, is "growth" and as always is "clarity". So this these systems will allow you to get that clarity, that vision, that ability to have oversight of how your business is tracking and being able to understand where you can leverage things in your business and where you might need to turn things down.

So they become remarkable tools for being able to take your business to the next level.

That's what we really want to do for people within our network and future customers that we interact with.

It's really exciting that we're really niching down and bringing together our core services and offering them in a way that is even more compelling than we have in the past.

JOHN: I think we can all acknowledge that, as we said this year has been pretty tough, there's a lot of people out in our networks who are probably feeling a little bit drained this time of year, more so the last year. This year has thrown a few curve balls and I think if you can take some time off and have a rest, unless you're in hospitality.

Definitely put our feet up, I think everyone's earned a little bit of time off, give yourself a pat on the back for getting through another very challenging year and rechargeable batteries ready for for 2021 - who knows what's in store. Hopefully if everything goes according to plan with different US president.

Hopefully next year's as big a growth, but maybe less challenging.

BERNARD: Everybody have an amazing holiday period, do take that time to rest and catch up with friends and family, have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and obviously and we will see you guys in 2021.

Thank You!!

Published on December 11, 2020