MIA Podcast Episode 5 - Brian Lim from Dandelion

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Brian Lim heads Dandelions, a three-year-old company that specialises in space manufacturing on Earth. (Intriguing, right?). His team has found a way to drop cell phone signals from the sky to deploy them in disaster-struck areas. Ultimately, Brian’s goal is to be the first and only “overnight” shipping from space to the earth. 

In this episode, we talk about Brian Lim's experience in the industry:

  • Brian’s  coming to Australia 20 years ago to study and how his BVA (Bridging Visa A) and one day at a pub started his vision
  • Having raised over $5,000,000 in Silicon Valley to work on a project for a space company
  • The Australian Government has poured more funds into the space sector
  • How the cost to go/send something to space is crazy expensive at $5,000 (USD) But now has been reduced to $25 USD by Elon Musk 
  • Dandelion’s goal and role to manufacture space crafts  that can be used to bring things back to the earth in high volume
  • Winning the NSW Small Business and Innovation Grant for Connectivity
  • Whom to approach or how to get approved on a grant
  • How Dandelions is currently in the works towards working on export discussions and partnering with the USA 
  • The long-term economic opportunity of Australia is in the exporting of high end manufactured goods.
  • The massive supply chain issues and massive re-organisations being moved around due to the pandemic
  • Minimising supply-chain risks by keeping the manufacturing within the country


And his success stories, experience in the manufacturing industry, and of course his answer to our main topic: Will Australian Manufacturing ever return to the glory days of the '60s?

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Published on April 28, 2022