MIA Podcast Episode 4 - Ananda Food

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The MIA Podcast 4 Episode with Keiran Brown, Managing Director of Ananta Food
In this episode, We will pick Keiran’s brain with his experience in the Food Manufacturing Industry, especially in the Food-Grade Hemp Product Industry and get his perspective on:

  • The Agriculture and Food Manufacturing Industry is a significant market trade in Australia
  • How did the food-grade Hemp production and manufacturing Industry do under the circumstances of COVID?
  • The hype of the industry during its launch in 2017 and how quickly it dropped due to misconceptions
  • How the company adapted to a hybrid work environment during the onset of COVID
  • How did Ananta Food kick off on exporting
  • How quality and safety is the top priority in manufacturing
  • Grants in the food-grade hemp production and manufacturing industry
  • How joining the local groups to be able to learn and grab knowledge from these groups and be able to connect with people who have been in your industry long enough to give you some tips
  • How long does the Grant process usually take
  • How exporting in different countries are run differently in the Hemp Manufacturing industry due to different factors within the countries being exported too
  • What are Ananta Food’s challenges when dealing with the exporting process
  • How Hemp is playing a bigger part in the diet of people, especially for people looking for plant-based protein
  • The Journey through starting up in the Food-Grade Hemp Production and Manufacturing Industry
  • Understanding the growth of food manufacturing and being able to use technology, especially in Quality Assurance

And his success stories, experience in the food manufacturing industry, and of course his answer to our main topic: Will Australian Manufacturing ever return to the glory days of the '60s?

Published on March 15, 2022