HubSpot Tip of the Month - February 2023: Sending emails to additional contacts

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One of the best functions of HubSpot is its ability to send bulk emails to multiple recipients at one time. However, there have been instances where we miss including some names in the initial list. When that happens, do we need to make another list, import it into a CSV, save it again and clone it to send it again?

Not with HubSpot!

Our HubSpot Tip of the month is How To Send an email to additional recipients after a bulk email has been sent (without the hassle of having to clone your email and export another list)

Here’s How:

1. Go to the actual email
2. Select “Actions.”
3. Select “Send to more.”
4. Select “Recipients.”
5. Choose the recipients where you want it to be sent
6. The email has now been sent to the additional recipients!

Watch the video for a more detailed explanation of this tip so you can maximise HubSpot to its full potential!

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Published on February 28, 2023