HubSpot Tip Of The Month - December 2023: How to use use webhooks to integrate with external systems

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In this video, we'll show you how to integrate HubSpot with external systems, without needing to upgrade your licences!

Up until recently, if you wanted to get HubSpot to talk to another system via an Workflow Automation, you needed to upgrade to HubSpot Enterprise and use webhooks.

Well - HubSpot has recently updated their systems to allow webhooks on all subscription levels!

In this HubSpot tutorial, you'll learn:
📌 A simple example of using HubSpot triggers to talk to Xero and generate an invoice.
📌 How to set up your HubSpot to take advantage of webhooks.
📌 Next steps of how to get your system to integrate with other external systems.

Take advantage of this opportunity to tightly integrate HubSpot with your systems, whilst using your own business rules and within your budget.

Integrate HubSpot with your systems

Published on December 21, 2023