Bite-sized Branding Episode 1 - Planning your Branding or Rebrand

 Content Marketing |  1 min read


Grant and I have come together to open up the world of brand and cover every element of Brand, design, marketing and business.

In this video, in five minutes or less we cover off some of the key elements you should consider when Planning your Branding or Rebrand.

We dive straight in to the deep end, it's all about Vision. Your Vision charts an understanding of who is the brand, what is the personality and what is the
market that you want to target.

The next step is to communicate it effectively throughout the execution. Throughout the roll-out it is important to maintain the consistency, it is what becomes memorable to your customers.

The consistent execution then becomes the culture that your brand forms, it is how team, customers, partners and contractors feel like or advocate for the brand.

Read all the details on how to apply this in your brand in our Ultimate Guide to Branding.

Published on May 28, 2020