Bite-sized Branding Episode 38 - Branding and Sales

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Are you a marketer? Have you ever noticed that some marketers are great at jacking up their sales numbers while you have been languishing with mediocre sales? You’re not alone.

Marketers have probably been tearing their hair out by the handful because their marketing is not generating better sales. And we all know that sales are the lifeblood of any business. So from a survival point of view, sluggish sales can be the kiss of death for any marketer’s career.


Provide Clarity to Show Your Credibility

Fortunately, it is possible to raise your sales. The key is to provide a moment of clarity in the customer's mind so that they can see that you have the answer to a specific problem or problems in their own lives


Stop the “cat chasing mouse” game

If you want to improve your credibility, you have to stop chasing people to become your prospects. This involves using trust-based selling techniques. Gone are the days when chasing prospects meant deluging them with information at first “hello.” Instead, you need to develop a listening ear right at the start of the relationship. This also helps with clarity.


The Value of the Right Positioning

Positioning is the correct approach for any marketer who wants to insert a wedge of Public Relations (PR) into their customer’s consciousness. You have to learn how to position yourself, and your brand, in the marketplace without going overboard about it.

This means there is no need to create a fancy marketing spiel that you plan to lay before your prospect, hoping that they’ll buy into your sales process. You need to ask the client to inform you about what is truly happening in their lives and businesses. Learn to listen to that.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore branding. Far from it, you need to merge your ability to listen with the right branding approach so that the client will see that you want to know how you can help them.

The Value of Problem Solving

To merge your brand with your ability to market, the client must realize that you have the right solution to their problem. Take note: not all clients know what their problem is or what they truly need from you. Your task is to let the client talk until you can see what they are missing. You can then discuss any solutions you may have with that client until you both agree that you have found the correct answer.


Become a Consistent Problem Solver

The core value you will provide to any client is consistency. That means you keep coming up with the right solutions regularly, even daily, if it comes down to that. But this also means that you are developing a reputation for credibility. If one solution solves one problem, then the client will be more open to discussing more complex issues in greater depth with you.

Consistency is also crucial because clients have no idea who has unique and effective solutions for their specific problems. You have to bring clients close to the chest and calmly explain what your solutions entail and how they stand to benefit. This is when lucidity sets in, and the client will understand that you’re the marketer they need.


The Value of Trustworthiness

If you want to have consistent sales, you also need to be trustworthy. This means helping your client see that your solutions are dependable. If you do this, that means the client will start to trust you more down the line.

And if one client finds you reliable and trustworthy, word will go out, and referrals will start to trust you as well. It’s a domino effect that will build your reputation in the marketplace.


Standing Out in a Very Noisy Marketplace

It can be daunting to try voicing out within a boisterous market space. After all, there are hordes of marketers out there, all competing for clients.

To stand out without becoming obnoxious, you need to regularly repeat your message over and over again with each new client. The last thing you want is mixed messages from other marketers drowning you out.

What is the Message?

The message boils down to one word: perception. You must bring out consistency and repetition of this message rather than foster diversity.
How do clients perceive you? And how do you perceive the client?

The message is part of your marketing brand. It would help if you created a positive perception of your brand. And since the perception becomes part of your brand, that is why you need to be consistent. The ultimate goal is to be consistent with that perception.

You have to live the message (the perception) by actively experiencing it daily. It means you will clarify to the client that you understand them. Once the client accepts your message, then you can start to offer solutions. And that is followed by giving the elements of your solutions so that the client sees how valuable they are.

Build an Emotional Connection

Inevitably, when you can win over a client and trust you, you and they will develop an emotional connection. That is a by-product of trust. There will be rapport between you and them. And this leads to valuable conversations that build on the comfort you provide to the client.

Always Look from the Client’s POV

A client’s point of view (POV) is the essential perspective you should pay attention to as a marketer. You have to possess an in-depth understanding of the client’s situation and needs. This allows you to learn where the major sticking points are in their business or circumstances.

Avoid self-promotion since you are not the client. This does mean “forgetting” yourself and catering to the client’s needs. The client will buy the product or service, so it is important to see things the way the client sees them. Focus on that.

Bear in mind that not all clients will understand your product or service right away. Some may quickly catch on, but others might not. Sometimes, problems are never really resolved, even with subsequent meetings.

It would be best to remember that clients don’t care about how your own business runs. They care about how their own business runs. And that’s what you have to cater to if you want better sales.

This is where edutainment comes in. It’s a mixture of entertainment and education that you have to deliver to the client. This helps you increase the quality and value of your service to any client that comes your way.

The big “No.”

Some people will not agree with you, no matter how you try to understand them. That’s okay. You don’t need to be liked by everyone. You do need to have the answers to the client’s questions. But sometimes, at the end of the day, the client walks away. That’s just the way it is sometimes in sales.

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Published on June 03, 2022