Bite-sized Branding Episode 30 - Talking about Rebrands, LinkedIn Refresh and Branded Interiors

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Rebrands-When is the right time to introduce your network to it?

Brands need to continuously evolve. Although you may already have a logo, an identity and you’ve already set the tone, it’s a great idea to tweak and allow your brand to get its feet wet on the latest trends and demands of the market. We know that this might not be true for all brands out there, personally, we feel that it’s worth a try. Rebranding is a great way to re-engage with your consumers and re-establish your brand. Get them excited about your rebranding, talk about your upcoming products, involve them for feedback, get them to try new things and get back to you for the experience. There are countless ways to go about this! Don’t fall behind. Allow and accept that your brand has to follow the current trends and innovate. Avoid the plateau of a business, because it is possible and can happen to anyone!

Take those nifty old Marketing techniques, revolutionize it, evolve with it and digitize it! Get your team involved in your branding, ask for their opinion, ask them to participate in studies, surveys, etc. What that does is it gives them a sense of belongingness and purpose in what they’re doing. Rebranding is important, but only when you feel that you need to say ahead of your game. Think about it and let us know what your thoughts are!


Linkedin Refresh

The LinkedIn Refresh is the perfect, perfect way to show subtle change. We like the change because it doesn’t seem to be screaming at you anymore, unlike how it used to somehow have that “screaming” tone before. It's a lot calmer and cool to the eyes and gives you the feeling that you can focus on scrolling through one item first before moving on to the next. IN the past, maybe most of us have had that feeling that there are too many things happening all at once and that you’ve gotta scroll to them or tap on them to have a check, but that’s all made simple now and we’re pretty happy with it. The rollout of the refresh was seamless because the messaging is fast and the exchange is almost instantaneous. There's so much synchronicity between the desktop and mobile version. They've taken that into consideration and that is just fantastic! Do you like it, too?


Branded Interiors

Ask yourself this; How do people feel when they’re “in” your brand? How does your brand make you feel? Some time ago, we got a chance to walk into an office that sold pool chemicals. Sure their sales were good, but their physical office made no impression whatsoever. It was like walking into an empty spare room, except that there were boxes and boxes of pool chemicals stacked on the floor. Sure, people like the minimalist approach nowadays but at least, give your market something to walk away with. Hang photos that matter to you.

Using art that is significant to your brand allows people to have that takeaway for your brand and make them remember you when they walk out of that office. Other than giving your customers a takeaway, keeping your physical office spruced up also promotes an awesome spirit of collaboration between your team members. Walls with art, some colour on your office decor initiates and stimulates cognition-making your team ready to contribute their ideas and make each brainstorming session full of takeaways! It’s worth a try!

something out of those ideas that will represent your company in the long run.


Published on June 03, 2021