Bite-sized Branding Episode 14 - What is the Big Trend for 2020

 Content Marketing |  2 min read

I am sure you’re itching to know what the next greatest thing to hit 2020 is . . . well stay tuned, we’re going to give you our download on what 2020 is going to do to change the branding and brand experience realm.

COVID19 has dramatically affected what we thought would be normal trends in 2020 and have created trends of necessity trends needed to navigate this changing economy.

One big change that has come because of the restricted movements is businesses have looked to revitalise their eCommerce experience – or at least they should be. So, what is the next big thing in online shopping? How do you recreate the online shopping experience and replicate the enjoyment of the physical shopping experience?

Augmented reality can offer an experience like no other! Imagine you could see what an item would look like on through the screen and camera of your smart phone? Scroll through a digital 3D space, interact with components, interact with customers, customise the item, pull an item into a physical space and layer a shoe onto your foot or a bracelet onto your wrist.

The barrier to entry of the high costs of creation or an app required to run it have now been reduced. You can get into the three-dimensional world straight through the browser on your phone. Keep an eye out on this space, especially in the retail space.

Another 2020 improvement is coming through the automated support you’ll find in the bottom right corner of many websites, we’re talking about Chat Bots. The automation and machine learning behind these friendly customer centric bots have come a long way.

The quality of at home video has come a long way also. It is how we’ve started to build credibility to connect with our future customers, share valuable messages and interact with a broader network. Video gets 76% greater engagement then other content online.
All these components can be interweaved into the buyers experience in an augmented reality space. You can then track how they migrate through the space, what they do and don’t engage with. Increase buyer interest and buy potential by analysing customer movements.

Have a look at your own business and consider how you may be able to take advantage of evolving technology to enhance your customers buying experience. Feel free to book in some time with Bernard to workshop some ideas together by clicking the following link: 15 minute chat with Bernard Kassab

Published on September 01, 2020