Bite-sized Branding Episode 49 - The A Team

 Content Marketing |  3 min read

In this episode, we will talk about how we came up with Bite-Size Branding and what made us decide to put it together. What are the episodes and experiences that we indeed remember? We wanted to bring the information harder, faster and less filtered and with clarity. And we wanted to allow people to learn about various spaces that we are knowledgeable of and also those that are areas where our guests are experts. 

Let’s get to know how we started with Bite-Size Branding and how we came up with an A-team each time we came up with an episode.


How was Bite-Size Branding manifested? Why did they bring it all together?

We created Bite-Size Branding to have a  show with a difference. Considering that marketing is a very varied subject and many books are created about it, we thought there would be many guests that we could bring to the show. These people can get their different expertise to the show, where they can share how they overcome their challenges with the view of selling their products to break financial goals is ultimately what the show is all about. 

It is simply taking a subject and putting it apart and getting an understanding. And we put the clock on to ensure we handled the subject without getting far from it. Initially, we pre-record the topics and break down the videos. There are so many different things when looking at branding, marketing, web, and digital advertising versus traditional. So many people are not familiar with some terms and acronyms. There are various jobs that certain experts can only complete, but these experts are often not cross-skilled. 

Not so many people understand the creative process it takes to create a website versus develop a website. They know the creative process in creating a brand, its logo, the creative story that that branding tells, and so on. 


The insights we've gotten from guests and the value they've imparted have stuck with us.

Insights coming from Denver, who has marketing experience, which was established with bigger brands such as Shop Direct and assisted them in coming online, is one that has stuck (with Bernard) incredibly. His insights were very valuable as he talked about the blend between traditional and digital marketing. 

It's not necessarily where it's at. Still, it's about understanding where your customers are, what channels they are looking at, what channels you can talk to them directly on and then building a strategy around that. Marketing is always multidisciplinary.

Guests that come with their expertise in their specific fields are what Grant is getting blown away but most especially after learning about the level they need to get to to get their job done. Whether in sales, marketing or PR, the tricks are something that money can't buy. The level of effort they exert in completing their role.


When are we going back to face-to-face and putting on live events? What excites them in a live event?

Originally, we wanted to put up a life event. Covid came along, and the live show was set aside. What we wanted to see in a live event that excites us is putting up an audience and being able to do an open forum. We want to be able to have conversations with people. We want people to throw their questions, give back our knowledge to our audience, and learn from us. 

Let them apply what they learn from us and or be able to ask us what it is they want to know more about. Just like how we are with the current setup, we encourage everyone to leave a comment, not for simple reactions, but because we want to know what are the things you want to ask us and learn about. We want to encourage you to widen your knowledge to apply it to your businesses. 

Bite-Size Branding is all about sharing and exchanging knowledge and expertise. We believe that all of us belong to a chain where we can give each other help if we only do not stop ourselves from asking questions that we need answers with. We will continue to find expert guests to allow us to provide the necessary information, which all of us can learn from.

Published on October 13, 2022