Bite-sized Branding Episode 36 - Rebranding 2021

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If you own or manage a company, you may have suddenly realized that your brand may need rebranding. How do you find out? It could mean looking for data such as dull sales and slimmer profit margins for many company executives. Or perhaps you noticed that your competitors are gaining more market share.

Have your sales been taking a dip lately? Have your social media followers been unengaged? Stop right there! Consider rebranding! Rebranding doesn't only mean a change in colour of your logo or themes, etc. It means taking a whole new approach and changing the content of your social media, changing your strategy.

Data such as dull sales and slimmer profit margins are already red flags for company investors, managers, or owners. Maybe it’s time to make your brand more relevant to your market. This is where rebranding comes in.


What Exactly is Rebranding?

Why rebrand your business? Your company will require rebranding so that consumers all over your market space can gain brand recognition right away. That being said, there is no one precise formula by which you may launch a campaign to improve brand recognition. This kind of marketing effort is both an art and a science in itself.

You may rely on a change of company logo, or logos, to start. This means changing your logo somewhat so that it will have a substantial impact on the minds of your customers. You have two choices: alter your current logo, or switch to a new logo.

If you have a gut feel for what your logo communicates to the market, then you stand to benefit the most. This is where marketing tends to become more of an art rather than a science. Research is necessary, but it cannot replace your intuition. At some point, intuition should influence your decision


Discern the Market Value of Your Logo

Before tinkering with your logo, it is vital to know how familiar the public is with your previous brand image. This is essential because consumers may already have a strong bond with your last brand image.

If you find out that the logo has a fervent following in your target market, it may be unnecessary to alter it. But if you are truly focused on having a new brand campaign, you may choose to modify the logo anyway. Think “playful and creative.” Your imagination only limits you.


How to Craft a More Successful Marketing Campaign

The brand image you are seeking often requires a change in the logo. So you and your team will have to make some crucial decisions. You can ask crucial questions such as:

  • Should the logo have a bolder and more precise impact visually?
  • How can we be more mindful of the effect of our logo on consumer behaviour?
  • How can we create trust while authentically fostering value?
  • What are the values we need to infuse into a quality brand recognition campaign?

Examples of Ways to Encourage Brand Recognition

You can gain brand recognition by reacquainting yourself with what your business space is all about.

For example, a bank would probably have to create a brand image focusing on its authority in business. The logo may have to be changed to reflect certain business decisions, such as adding more branches to the bank’s network. Or perhaps the company is trying to showcase its stellar history by emphasizing its accomplishments.

The company might also focus on the milestones consumers have reached by trusting that brand. Since the company and consumers have a symbiotic relationship, highlighting consumer progress in business will also work. This is better for both the company and consumers in the long run.


What is the Ultimate Goal of Your Brand Marketing?

You should always bear in mind the goal of your brand marketing effort. Is it just about boosting company image so that you gain more customers? Or is the ultimate goal of transforming your brand into a household name something that everyone can relate to?

You may find that you will require a more in-depth and comprehensive approach if you want brand recognition for your company. Just changing the logo might not be sufficient.

You may have to factor in other attributes such as:

  • Timing
  • Subtlety
  • Logistics
  • Confidence about your company’s reputation in the market
  • Future scalability

Trust Your Instincts to Gain Your Market’s Trust

It’s all about trust. Trust between company and consumer will encourage growth, both externally among market players and internally within groups in the same company.

You need to be bold and confidently creative in a way that no one has ever imagined or done before. You may interpret this in different ways - some may choose to be risque while others may prefer a more subdued approach. 

No matter what form your campaign takes shape in, it should always be easily recognizable by consumers. So seek out a marketing agency that has the same vision for the drive that you have. Then make that new and refreshing marketing push that will position your company for a more advantageous position within the market for years to come!

Published on November 02, 2021