Bite-sized Branding Episode 32 - What To Look For In 2021 And Our Favorite Marketing Ideas

 Content Marketing |  3 min read

Massive thanks!


Before we get into anything else, we’d like to send out massive, massive appreciation shouts out to all the people who have joined us on the show, guests and audiences, influencers, everyone! It’s always great t hear the latest buzz about businesses from the source themselves 

We especially had such a great episode with Ariel, talking about how essential video is for businesses, most especially start-ups. We feel that video content is so much easier to come up with over written content. Getting a “video block” is not as bad as getting a “Writer’s block”. Some people fail to misuse or maybe don’t even understand that the video they put out can represent the journey of their brand. That’s why most brands who let tons and tons of videos out there have a huge following and we won’t be surprised if they have such an engaged audience because of the video they make. 

Grant personally likes our episode with Chris, when we talked about copywriting, how to make written content, how to make your content stand out. Having a copywriter onboard is great because these super-skilled guys can help you deliver your message to your audience. Hire a professional copywriter. Don't try to save on cost and do it yourself. You’re not doing any favors by trying to save on money. If you don’t have the immediate cost, try speaking to your service providers and arrange for a payment scheme, where you’re both happy with the payment system in place. Just because you can't afford it right now in a lump sum, doesn't mean you won’t get it.  Go set up a game plan where both parties are happy with the arrangement. 



Where will we be in 2021?

2020 All came as a shocker to everyone and made us all rethink our lives as to whether we really needed something or did we just want it? We also acknowledge that this problem of a pandemic is not going to go away any time soon. Businesses like us have to learn to make ourselves relevant to the loves of people now because times have changed, and of course, so have the needs of people. Our lives are going to change, they have changed and they will keep changing as we go on. Markets will become more competitive that's why we have to keep up with its ever-changing demands. The way that we see it is that in 2021, things in the digital space will continue to open up new opportunities for everyone. Whether it be augmented reality, video, check out what works for your business because you’ll have to create a personal connection with somebody, but let’s face it, that personal connection of face-to-face meetings here and there isn’t happening any time soon. More and more people should think of ways to digitally connect with you, especially if you’re a brand leader as in the CEO-moreso!


What we think are the most interesting marketing trends in 2021

Grant, my partner, is crazy over branding. He loves how creative space is and how there are multiple ways to express and have your brand relate with your market when branding is done correctly.

Sometimes, you will need to see your competition to have ideas on how to position your brand in the market. Probably not a lot of people admit to it, but hey, that’s the truth of the matter. Sometimes competitors spark our creativity and we just have to admit that. Leave a mark on your audience but for you to do that, you have to be your own customer. You have to think about how you want to be treated for your branding to become engaging. Think of the kind of story and journey you want to be taken on when you’re patronizing a brand. And only then can you come up with a branding system that definitely leaves a mark.


Published on July 06, 2021