Bite-sized Branding Episode 24 - How Can You Pivot Your Business?

 Content Marketing |  2 min read

Everyone is talking about it, with a constantly changing commercial environment, ‘pivoting’ your businesses is on everyone’s mind. It’s hard to see past the noise as a business owner but the key is to remember what you do have – you still have stock, you still have a team, you may have over heads but you definitely still have customers. The question is then “How do I stay relevant to the changing needs of my customer?”

Look at your business and ask yourself:

  1. How could I bundle my products or services differently?
  2. How can I add value?
  3. What other platforms can I use to develop or deliver my product or service?
  4. What efficiencies can I create to allow this to happen within my business?

Think outside the box. The commercial spaces that may now be left empty are not going anywhere, if you want to be the next high street business experience, you need to be agile during this time.

One thing we found effective was rolling out cost effective web solutions to allow people to get online quickly. With a simplified responsive order forms for an eCommerce experience or targeted landing page, it was about creating bundled solutions with an aim to focus directly on the immediate customer needs.

This will help you get some wins threw the door, but it would also help build community culture with customers. Being able to show that you have taken note of what is happening out there and that you are creating solutions that have this in mind show the human side of your business.

Less is more when you’re trying to be nimble. You need to use solutions that can be easily changed and updated based on fresh new campaigns. That way as fast as your customer needs change, you can adapt.

Keep in mind the above 4 points, have a look at your customers’ needs and how you can reach them with solutions that have their needs in mind.

Published on November 27, 2020