Ucidity swims for Rainbow Club

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One of our clients - Rainbow Club - is a registered NDIS provider who provides a network of social swimming clubs for children with a disability. 

Every year, they host a family-friendly ocean swim to raise money.

Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled last year due to poor weather - yes, they would have snuck in just before the COVID mayhem.

Thankfully, the event will be running in 2022 and Ucidity will be diving in... excuse the pun... to help Rainbow Club raise money and keep running their amazing clubs.

To raise the stakes, we've chosen to swim 2.5km each in the ocean.

Wish us the best of luck because most of us, we're pretty much starting from the couch, especially after a 4 month long COVID lock down... and promise we won't be posting photos of us in our speedo's haha.

How to join the event

If you're interested in joining the event, please jump to the official website.

How to sponsor us

If you would like to help us hit our target of $1,000 - please jump online to donate. We really appreciate you helping such a worthwhile cause!

Published on November 17, 2021