MIA Podcast Episode 6 - Cristina from TechAbstract uncovers the R&D Tax Incentive

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The MIA Podcast 5 Episode with Cristina Lee, General Manager of TechAbstract

TechAbstract is an Australian advisory firm that helps companies access the government’s tax incentive program. With their R&D being set up in 1996, it began with their founder, who was then working for an Aussie auditing company, realising that the R&D applications were so poorly made. He then wanted to help the companies write better applications, thus starting his business 11 years ago.
Let’s talk about:
- How the R&D tax incentive program works
- How that’s tied to manufacturing and what types of businesses are eligible for those incentives.
- Some companies do R&D in their daily lives without even realising it!
- The R&D program is an entitlement program and NOT a grant.
- A company’s eligibility for the program
- Engineers write the applications, so they have a thorough understanding of what needs to be done.
- The program is built with 8 or 9 pieces of legislation
- TechAbstract’s core strength of making processes for their clients
- Lack of Timber in Australia and how TechAbstract bridges the gap on that need
- How the tax incentive varies per company’s contracts

For more details, please jump to TechAbstract's website at https://www.techabstract.com/rd-tax-incentive-what-is-it/.

TechAbstract’s success stories, experience in the R&D industry, and of course Cristina’s answer to our main topic: Will Australian Manufacturing ever return to the glory days of the '60s?

Published on May 27, 2022