Cold Calling’s moving back our Australian home

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If you’ve ever tried cold calling yourself, it’s not as easy as it looks. Then outsource options become very attractive but not all salespeople are equal. We’ll highlight some things you may have not considered when building your outbound sales powerhouse, and why so many outsourced cold calling sales teams are coming back home to Australia.

So, why does it matter? What’s the impact if I offshore my cold calling sales team?

Here’s what you should consider:

    1. Overload: These days, our phones are rife with cold calls for everything you could think of. If you’re going to hire someone, make sure they show your Brand off for all its best qualities.
    2. Brand: Remember every person in your business is an extension of the way the Brand is perceived. When it comes to cold sales, it is also the first interaction that this potential customer has ever had with your Brand, are you putting your best foot forward?
    3. Vision: Does your team align to and share your vision for the growth of the business? Also, consider if they understand what it is that the brand stands for.
    4. Language: This can be a minefield between language barriers, clarity, understanding, accent, and culture. With all the call overload, feeling like you’re talking to someone in the business, “on the team”, can be all the difference between hanging up and taking a moment to listen. 
    5. Motivation: Why is your team there? Why are they doing sales? It can be a hard slog getting hung up multiple times a day, do you understand their driving factors? If they are not motivated to offer the best solution for the prospect and are just ticking the KPI box, this can leave many customers disgruntled or disillusioned.
    6. Targeting: Often this process is a burn and churns without a true understanding of why they are contacting leads. This automatically erodes trust, minimises the chance to create rapport and leads to barriers being put up instantly.

Because of the above, many people find 2% or less of calls land to the right person and lead to a significant opportunity. Whereas, if you follow the considerations below, you’ll find an easier sales process, a happier team, and better leads. Intern, up to 10% of calls lead to a meeting and 50% of those turn into an opportunity.

And this is why:

    • Vision: There is not only a clear understanding of what the brand stands for but how we are going to work together to get there.
    • Culture: Expectations are easily communicated, and rapport can be built fast with like-minded people connecting on every call.
    • Targeting: It is clear what a right fit customer looks like and even more so ‘sounds like.’ That you feel like every handover is one step closer to a closed deal.
    • Research: Knowing your prospects interests, potential goals and business insights allows you to build rapport instantly and generate a conversation based on commonality
    • Connection: If all the above is done correctly, each call will build trust and allow the opportunity to have a mutual business conversation – this is how you get a high call success rate!

As you can see, if you’re a professional and you’re looking to grow your business rapidly with high value right fit clients – Then consider your sales strategy and how an outbound call solution may work for you.

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Published on January 25, 2022