Bite-sized Branding Episode 25 - Talking about Marketing spend, leveraging Video, and Trademarking

 Content Marketing |  3 min read

The word “marketing” pulls up a lot of related words, subtopics and even smaller subtopics. However, what most people tend to miss out are the main facets that should be highly considered such as Marketing spend, Video creation and Trademarking. These three giants immensely impact your business and your customers.


Marketing Spend

A marketing campaign is an investment in both time and money. There is no bypass or quick solutions. Needless to say, a well-planned strategy is tied with a specific and detailed budget for optimum results. A campaign that is short-lived, poorly planned and executed, such as that of a 2-3 month run leaves you with inaccurate and inadequate results. Money down the drain.

Repetition and consistency are vital to any high-performing marketing strategy. Always keep in mind your customer’s journey and experience, ensuring that your budget is enough to cover all expenses that your strategy for branding may incur in the future. Your budget should include lead and demand generation, getting them on board with your product and finally getting their buy-in.

In essence, aside from consistency and repetition, it is strongly advisable for your campaigns to run for a longer period of time. Let’s just say that the least would be at 6 months to get real data you can leverage. Cliche as it may sound, but we all know that success doesn’t happen overnight. People who see the ads will not immediately get drawn to it at first sight. They need to repeatedly see it so that it creates that intrigue in their heads.


Leveraging Video

With how businesses have rotated into a more creative world, videos and media creatives have become quintessential in building a brand. In this day and age where people are so immersed and caught up in the web of social media platforms, today’s audience has longed for authenticity and realness. This is why you need to make your business’s brand relatable to the public. Along with this, studies have also shown that videos drive more traction to websites and encourage more engagement with the audience. Blogs may have a more detailed and specified output, but videos have that relatable and more engaging impact on people. Times have changed and most people now appreciate not just a good read, but also a good ad that resonates with them.

Create a message for your brand that’s sophisticated, yet tactful. The benefits of the customer always come first. Your product’s bells and whistles only come second. This is how you hook your audience. Create a storyline that starts the video with a real and common problem that makes it relatable to the customers. This way, your videos are geared for higher engagement and later on, gives you a scaled-up business.

The great thing about making videos for marketing is that organic and raw videos have become more acceptable to people. This means that you don’t need an entire production crew of camera and lights men to follow you around or professionally create a story for you. Unbelievably, most brands’ videos are recorded using their smartphones. All you need is great content. If you’re worried about not having the time to create videos every single day, an awesome marketing technique is to create a video of about 20 minutes at length weekly, and chop that up into smaller pieces, get it edited and post it every day on social media. That way, a single 20-minute video can multiply into seven different videos, which will leave you with an easy-peasy engagement for an entire week. 



People tend to neglect the importance of trademarking and its due diligence. There are a lot of angles to look into and cover from first the Trademark board to check if someone else has trademarked some assets of your company or end of infringing on anyone else's asset, second is how extensive your trademark will be - Local, International which affects the cost of your trademark. 

You may have a great idea, and turn that great idea into something big. Do give other people the opportunity to latch into your idea and trademark it before you, since you did not do your due diligence, that person can stop you from keeping your great idea. It is not as expensive as it seems, nor is it as much effort as it may first appear with the right assistance from a Trademark Lawyer. Protect your property and your ideas from the beginning and you mitigate the chances of a battle, extra costs and potential re-creation of your business down the track.

Published on February 05, 2021