MIA Podcast - Episode 25: Greg Gladman from Sales & Leadership Performance

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MIA Podcast - Episode 25: Greg Gladman from Sales & Leadership Performance



  • Introduction to MIA Podcast's new format and host, Steve Bambury from Growth Partners.
  • Focus on assisting manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand to tap into new markets and dominate traditionally owned spaces.
  • Discussion to cover solutions for businesses experiencing decreased phone activity and sales team performance.


Introduction of Guest:

  • Greg Gladman, founder and CEO of Sales and Leadership Performance.
  • Greg's extensive experience in assisting manufacturers across Australasia to achieve significant growth.
  • The unique approach to Sales and Leadership Performance, including custom development plans and a partnership for growth.
  • Highlight of a three times return on investment guarantee as a unique point of difference.


Challenges in Manufacturing:

  • Shift in consumer behaviour and perception towards "Made in Australia" products.
  • Manufacturers faced supply chain issues during COVID-19, leading to a focus on local production.
  • Importance of leveraging local production as a unique selling proposition rather than just labeling products as "Made in Australia".


Solutions to Growth Roadblocks:

  • Importance of refining digital presence to resonate with the target audience.
  • Need for professional assistance in strategically positioning products and services online.
  • Adaptation to changes in buyer behaviour, particularly increased reliance on online research.
  • Emphasis on continuous adjustment of digital strategies to align with evolving algorithms and buyer preferences.


Importance of Unique Value Propositions:

  • Utilizing distinctive capabilities to differentiate from competitors and avoid price-based conversations.
  • Challenging assumptions about customer preferences and actively engaging in dialogue to understand true needs.
  • Shift towards a proactive approach to lead generation rather than relying solely on traditional methods.


Personal Experience:

  •  Greg Ladman shares personal experience of transforming his business's digital presence.
  • Initial challenges in visibility and lead generation despite investing in a website.
  • Success is achieved through strategic content creation aligned with customer needs and search behavior.
  • Importance of a comprehensive approach combining digital marketing efforts with unique value proposition development.



  • Acknowledgment of the importance of collaboration between digital marketing experts and sales consultants.
  • Need for a holistic approach addressing both digital visibility and sales effectiveness.
  • Continued adaptation to changing market dynamics and consumer behaviours for sustained growth.

Connect with Greg on

LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/greggladmanslp

Check out Sales & Leadership Performance: www.saleslp.com

Published on March 08, 2024