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If you are a marketer, you may often be thinking: “How can I be better at my job?” This is because marketing can be likened to a design function since you have to design a marketing campaign for your client.

The problem is that some marketers aren’t aware of how they can bring value into the marketing campaign while they are within the client’s marketing space. Marketers have to find out how to do this quickly because a client can be quite picky about the marketing campaign elements even from the start.


How to Get Started as a Marketer

To start designing a marketing campaign, a marketer has to put their best foot forward, even initially interpreting the message in an exciting manner and style.

In a way, it’s like planning to build a house. The house is the campaign and you need to plan ahead so that the house will look good even from the first day of construction. You have control over what parts of the house should be composed of (meaning the elements of the marketing). Some stages of the construction could be complicated but since you see the potential you are willing to invest time, energy and money into that house (which is the campaign).


What You Need To Know Before Crafting a Message

Sometimes, some messages are a no-brainer for the marketer to translate because the marketer has years of experience in reading and managing the information. That’s why some marketers are specialists in specific fields. Their vast expertise serves as the foundation for that awareness that culminates in suddenly coming up with a great idea.

If you are unsure how to find that great idea, it does pay to listen closely to your client. You will also have to talk to the constantly exposed people to the market with their product or service. Often this could mean communicating with the people on the ground, such as salespeople because they know what would work in a particular market.


Practice Makes Perfect!

Improve your marketing campaign abilities! You should keep doing the detailed marketing activities that come your way. Yes, it would help if you stayed in practice. You have to keep talking to people such as clients and even other marketers to know how to express different messages in various ways.

Some marketers do get clients who are solid winners. You would have to create a new marketing effort for them, which is more accessible than other campaigns. Clients like these may know what they want to say, have great ideas for executing such beliefs through a campaign, and learn how to best reach out to their market. Not surprisingly, marketers may compete to get such clients in their roster because those represent value for the marketing agency.

Brave clients may be ready for a leap of faith by hiring your marketing agency. But you have to do your share by interpreting their message with remarkable results. To do that, you have to practice listening too. If you listen closely to what the client wants to communicate, you may discern some marketing elements that will help you develop a remarkable campaign.


Elements of A Dynamite Marketing Campaign

You have to know how to leverage marketing elements. Some clients will only accept essential elements, while other clients may choose the more sophisticated ones. Knowing intuitively which clients will match specific marketing elements will help you with leverage. And when you can grasp such details, you are on your way to formulating a winning theme for the campaign.

Some common elements that you may want to use our fonts, shapes, and even colours. The important thing is to form an instant connection between the client, the marketing campaign’s value, the master theme that you want to build the campaign around, and the customers’ needs. You can express this in just one word: “edutainment.”

Edutainment means that you have to be able to educate the client’s customers entertainingly. It’s not linear in which A leads to B leads to C. Since it has to be entertaining as well, you need elements that will make Z (the customers) appreciate the message (which could be M) and want to see the entire campaign from beginning to end (back to A and B and C.)


Marketers Are Storytellers With a Budget

Yes, a marketer may understand that marketing is about building perception. But can that be executed properly, considering the client doesn’t have deep pockets? Some marketers may find it daunting to tell the client’s story even with a tight budget. That’s the balancing act any marketer has to master early on in the game.

You and the client have to be on the same page regarding the master vision of the campaign. The client should be aware that you are a professional, so you should give your professional opinion about how you think the marketing should be developed and executed. That way, the client will be pleased with the results, and your marketing agency will generate cash flow as a business.


Eliminate Unnecessary Elements

A marketer should be imaginative. You shouldn’t just sit there during a session with the client and parrot everything the client dictates.

You should also be realistic. With the kind of budget the client has and the kind of outcome they are looking for, ask yourself if your idea for an effective marketing campaign will work in a real-world scenario. If you realize it won’t work, you may ask for a bigger budget or scale down your ideas and eliminate the unwanted elements.

Your client may also unknowingly make mistakes in the campaign. For one thing, the marketing channel might be obstructed by people or things, derailing the campaign's effectiveness. Or the font of the marketing medium could be too small for consumers to spot and retain in their brain (as is the case with billboards sometimes). If this is the case, be sure to point it out to the client right away.


In the End, It’s All About ROI

Yes, in the final analysis, your client hires you to deliver on the marketing campaign because they consider the return on investment (ROI). It’s not all about fine art, though that’s always desirable if you want to bowl over future clients.

The client hires a marketer like you because they want your expertise in crafting a great story about their product or service. When customers become aware of the value of such products and services, then you’ve done your job well, and your client should be pleased.

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Published on June 14, 2022